Friday, January 19, 2007

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Safe Brees my favourites for 2006 - however I never explained to you over the day, which I shot her for a handjob movie for I did not want to shoot a vanilla sex scene with Bree, a cause, for any reason represented I her, something to do, that, but without any full flowering width unit sex is hot, which goes down.

I knew, I more than (or even) chaps two needed and I knew the fact that I wished something which happens - moved for absence of a better designation moved is. That is with one „K “„moved “. As it time to select clothes for the scene came, selected I its Nightie. Dunno I, why, but as kind of hot fastened me. See, you probably do not know this, but the Pornomädchen, those the electric circuit with one those luggage rolling up around go to let and, depending, how long they were in the play, it could be absolute the back-up, which was packed with delightful equipments. Is here handjobs another fun fact - porn the girls, which is really their shit together everyone Büstenhalter and panty adjusted into their own seal with zipper-bag-like few set lets, thus it can pull `EM out and show “EM fast the producers. It into that baggies to have does not mean a having, for which fitting Schlüpfer around say we hunt, as soon as a producer selected a Büstenhalter, so that the girl carries on sentence. Anyway I looked in bag Brees, went through something from its clothes, and its Nighties got caught my eye. A cause were not they is called or delightful laundry or somewhat something similar… however a cause, which was material them. Which is to be said, when Bree goes sleeping at night after a long day of forming the dirty films, she slides in, what you regard in this illustration. In my book it forms bumsendes super+hot for this. I began to think impact bang when I began to think of scene Brees for Spunkmouth. Which better way gives it, to a gallon one spunky opening as to give their impact handfuls a Gecken having? Then I began to think multi-ethnical blowbang. In some brothas, white Gecken of a pair, as well as my main line designate most man shift lever X.I think that I speak few about shift lever X. Not much, but little. It is this asiatic cat with 5 a tariff thick. It goes around with colours on all time, even if it is 10 at night. Always one receives to it to be iPod in his ears, and he normally hears to the Ramones. See, if I would employ him created straight on the facts, which are asiatic he, his thick is 5 tariff, and he knows, what „Gabba Gabba he! “Means. Shift lever X burns through also one of the largest loads, which I saw at all. They are as large not rather as north Peter, but they are large the Bumsen. Actually in my world, shift lever X „load a dump truck is “- and not one „scene carrier “…, which, for me, is way more a value. Anyway shift lever does not speak much on sentence; it does not look for the girl a complete bundle, any gropingly; but it is still fucking Supercreepy: it is located in the corner, Ramones, which starts in its head, and he strikes his meat like an ape in the zoo… and I learned from watching out he that, if shift lever X rises on its tip toes it is time for it to empty. And it empty. Act so everyone otherwise. OH Bree! How did you become face such a confusion? And why doesn't it disturb you a bit? This is, really interesting as things… Received a cause, were present I a straight sentence or two. Not everyone nutted. One brothas limped more rüber to me, before I began to shoot and said, „the Yo Billy man. I bumste myself straight above on the basketball court, and I am not I kept safe, what takes it today, around the job to receive done. “„You are OKAYbro? I mean that you would like to sit this out? “„Hell no Niggah. It is Mutterfuckin” Bree Olson! “I love it, if black chaps call me Niggah. Suck celebration went as intended, and yea, Brotha would not know nut. But that was o.k., a cause, since Brotha tried, its Wad, to burn shift lever through X which had lifted it after the impact of the nut 1 calmly in the corner, increased to the plate and to the blown up nut 2. And straight as it was done, saw another Geck, which had lifted it calmly in the corner, which shift lever straight did and away adjusted it to it - yep! It blew up nut 2, also. Two, too and also. Can it be as strong? Not as strongly as Mathe. 4 chaps employed. 1 cannot also. 2 with twice. Thus how many did Nüsse take Bree this night? , Will constitute they hold this question in the understanding to cause in some. So Brees, which in the man Goo are covered, and whose are, if normally terminate dirty films, but not for Bree Olson. „I think that I should go to way around the road, which is covered in everything this with. Become, didn't that is hot Billy? “Do not necken „me like this Breebie honey. “„I am serious. This watch out. “And with the rolling cameras, I followed Bree Olson. First it threw on its Frauklopfer T-Shirt, then it sauntered more rüber into the following Studio, in which they form also dirty films. This is, worries about you all material. Not a bit from it was scripted. People took a view with Bree and looked then near, and which is, when the reactions began. What would you do, if a jizz soaked hottie went like Bree into your work? Bree entered to the right into the condition area, in which Bella Donnas brother with the female talent adjusted to and its Kiefer flirted, over dropped… A cause is fair, those, it knew, what completely überBree was; it had not up still dried. I followed Bree from this Studio out and right to the road. I was not safe, if I stop camera to guarantee Doppelkontrolle that shit was and then to continue OKAY. I mean that I not even know, what I would out examine? If you will happen in such a way there straight to be a spindle before my Studio? Or more badly nevertheless - a kid? Bumsen, I rolled. And Bree strutted. On and starting from the road. Quite by a nice Korean lady on its way head. Cars, which past whizzing are. Bree went on and starting from the road and then, to the right before the door, took off from the Frauklopfer away. Is it as hot that Bree Frauklopfer carries? Things kept even crazier, while we went to support the stairs. I was behind Bree, would like my camera on their beautiful piston, when she asked, „mean donkey, Billy to bumsen? “„You neckst me again. It please stop. “„, going Billy, “it gurrte on. „It in my ASS. do not cling “„however I am male talent. “„Mean donkeys bumsen, “Bree pleaded. „Request. “What is a chap to do to if a girl asks for something donkey activity? Me answer that, durable chap. Some hours later, means Brees schellte. It wanted to know, the scene went. I explained to him that it could be the best scene, which I had at all shot. He wanted to know, how many chaps were there. He wanted to also know how many chaps came. He wanted to know, this cause, which he believed that Bree was not considerable… it an impact bang with four men was paid and six chaps represented above. „No., four chaps placed above. “„they take how many resting? “I am bad at Mathe. Five seemed to be the number. To me that should not really constitute, a cause, which I always paid the girls, those on one thickly counting pulse be based and not load a counting pulse. But I felt not like an arguing, was a cause there nothing, over to argue…, although it before did not meditierte one thing was, Bree took more loads, as if were required, and, more importantly, Bree went over and beyond which one required, like it always does, if she represents above for work. And I should have paid their more on the point. Designate without their means having. In addition I, my Viennese received small sausage Bree Olsons in the piston to cling…, even if he were only for some seconds. This alone must be a pair one hundred worth, quite?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ManoJob and Handjob

I go off in Porn: Thus, you he was interviewed before… what it is some questions that nobody always asked to it before? Shy Riley: You smoke the harmful grass? ISP: Nobody always asked to it if you smoked the harmful grass? RS: Not! I v that has a tubing for its bed. Handjob movies for FREE! ISP: Oh, yea. I smoke a small harmful grass to the times. I cannot sleep with the night anymore very. Type of stranger. A stroke or two is of a tubing and of a glass of the red wine and me they sleep as I when I age 16. You smoke? RS: Yea, I have a card of the cannabis. ISP: How you started the card? RS: I really walked for one dispensary. He smelled type of really good, as soon as I of the looked at one inside, and had finished above of offering a work to me. I laugh the cause that I really do not need a work. But then he said if I worked there, me I could start my harmful grass 1/2 I am. ISP: Thus you fêz examination of the work? RS: I! Per approximately one week. But my programming opposed going off, as soon as I stopped. But they had liked me, as soon as I I start still the discount.

All worked for is. ISP: Thus you really as its work of porno? Do you give handjobs?? RS: I love the sex. I was extremely sexually adventurous before I started in porn. She was not much of a change of my normal, daily life… in such a way how much the sex was involved. ISP: APPROVAL - can we speak on the sex of the outside-camera? How, that it is the thing that more the insane person you fêz always the outside-camera? RS: I had the sex in the back part of the car of my father… when they were in it. ISP: This is hot. With a boy or a girl? RS: With a boy. It was a long stay has. In a Flat broke roundup. They are really long, and us we were in the back part, and I consumed a skirt, as soon as I was easy. Hiked above of my skirt, and I really quiet age, and the movements were really slow. I really nervous age, but we both came cause that really fast we were thus nervous. ISP: E its parents had not had no indication? RS: I would not be being here I had an indication.

ISP: What is the thing more dumbest the asked director always to make to it? RS: What is dumb? ISP: Well, many of the girls mention Chico Wang. That he is not dumb… but it asks for that the girls make the material dumb. Funny Dumb but. Well, I think that he is funny. RS: This is funny! I age to think just on it. I do not remember what he was for, but I ordered me to act as a hen. I had that cluck and to invert my body all delayed and then to slide below sliding of landslide one n' undressed. ISP: That one is Chico. You cluck as a right of the hen now for me? In mine bedroom? When pleasure I myself of I? RS: (laughs) I would love! ISP: Hey, really fast, before you cluck as a hen… you have a Web site? RS: I have two! One softcore - - and a place of hardcore - They are not ready still, but they will be, then. ISP: Wow! That one is type of cool and new. It is hardly sufficient to function a place, left alone two. RS: Until the a he dates now of I I am functioning them… but I could use to webmaster. ISP: It can goes it to foder of I for its hardcore to point out? I am tested I know to it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Extreme Alex Puking

Not many movies come along that really change my point of view or move me emotionally at all. Most are just a good two hours of this Extreme Alex movie! Seriously, have you seen this chick yet? Her site is great, full of gagging movies, puke pics and she is friends with the infamous Extreme Holly. Anyway...
This all changed yesterday. I had been following the story of Morgan Spurlock, a man who set out to make a documentary on fast food and it's effects. To truely test everything out, he decided he would go on an all McDonald's diet for 30 days. That's right...nothing but McDonalds food breakfast, lunch and dinner. This just sounded like a bad idea from the start, but noone really knew how bad until he did it. Extreme Alex hardcore movies, she gags, pukes, pisses... she does it all.
The movie starts out with a basic background, the premise and some interviews. Before getting started, Morgan gets checked out by 3 doctors and a nutritionist. He gets a glowing bill of health and is found to be in excellent shape. These doctors track his progress the whole way for both data collection and safety reasons.
There are some basic ground rules involved. First, he cannot eat or drink anything that he didn't buy at McDonalds. This includes water, which he occassionally gets bottles of. Second, he will only super size his meals if asked to do so by the McDonalds employee.
With everything set, he was on his way. The second meal he orders is a good indicator of things to come. After ordering a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Combo which was Super Sized, Morgan quickly discovers that he is not capable of eating this enormous quantity of food. He gets it all down and 20 minutes later it all comes back up! Lovely shots of the yack afterwards by the way, sure to win a cinematography award of some kind.
After 1 week, he goes in for blood tests and gets weighed. In a mere 7 days on his new diet, Morgan gains 10 lbs!!! That's right...10! The doctors were just as astonished and checked the wasn't wrong. By the two week point, Morgan gets some disturbing news. His chloresteral has risen for 165 to an alarming 219!! He is also showing enzymes from the liver in his blood, a sign of liver damage! This is after two weeks of McDonalds.
From here on you can see some very negative effects on Morgan. He is having depression, weight gain, exhaustion and showing signs of strong food addiction in the form of headaches and disorientation when he didn't have the food. He was also craving it when he wasn't even hungry. To me this was all very alarming and at the same time, I could identify with his feelings.
He makes it the full 4 weeks, but with huge health concerns and massive weight gain. This movie is full of alarming facts about nutrition, the U.S. epidemic of obesity and the shady marketing techniques of the Fast Food industry. Especially where kids are concerned.
I beg you to go out and see this will change your whole point of view on fast food! As corny as it sounds, it has moved me to stop eating fast food all together, including drinking Coke! I might fail, but I sure as hell am going to give it a shot. Don't wait, get off you couch and go see this flick!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cuckold movies and cuckold pics...FREE!

I miss him a little bit from Jasmine Tame cuckold.
I know he miss me too. Anyway, both of us are playing our part quite well indeed. Enough of that. Let me move on. Alhamdulilah. Dah nak seminggu kita berpuasa. Funny. I’m usually very excited during the Ramadhan coz I’ll be busy performing terawih, preparing biscuits/kueh at home, cooking dishes or helping my mom/dad to clean up the house. But, on the first day of Hari Raya itself, I’m usually very sad. My thoughts are normally with my friends or people whom I once knew that are no longer here. Thus, you can never see me laugh on the day of Hari Raya itself. It’s always tears & sorrow. Sadly, with each passing year, the pain in my heart deepens cuckold movies. I miss them even more each year. Their smiles, the creases around their eyes, the warmth of their friendship. I will never forget you guys. My thoughts are with you always. Surah Yassin is my best companion nowadays. I read it everyday… for myself, my family, my friends (alive or dead). I pray that you guys are “well” Jasmine Tame on the other side. I’m preparing myself here… so that I can join you in the future. Take care, my friends.

Okay. Back to reality. I was standing around Raffles Place last night with a bottle of Evian and a box of Marlboro. I was waiting for my dad's call to inform me once the azan dah berkumandang. Suddenly, 3 Malay Mats (who was standing in front of me for the past five minutes) lighted up their ciggies. My Chinese friend said to me: “Eh. You can break your fast already right. Maybe your dad forget to call you. Anyway, the Malay guys are smoking already.” I shook my head and smiled to my friend. Two minutes later, my dad called: “Pegik buka! Dah azan!” I took a long sip of Evian, ate 2 dates (my mom packed them for me in the morning) and lighted a ciggie. I, Jasmine Tame, wonder how some people can spoil the beauty of Ramadhan. I usually turn my head away whenever I see Malays eating/drinking/smoking in public during Ramadhan. Buat apa nak hina/kutuk dorang kan. Puasa ni kan “persembahan suci” kita khas buat Allah. Kalau dorang tak nak puasa, tu dorang nyer pasal. Kita buat hal kita. Kuatkan semangat dan iman. Jangan mengumpat.Tengok bende baik2. Banyakkan zikir/ taubat.

I must admit that as a smoker, fasting is extra hard for me. I guess most smokers will agree with me. But, I think once you get the hang of it, it’s not much of a problem (although my lips trembled miserably for nicotine on the first day of Ramadhan). Firstly, you have to be serious about your “niat” and secondly don’t buy ciggies until it’s time to break fast. And thirdly, focus on the main purpose of Ramadhan and think of God always. Eh... Aku cakap ni macam ye-ye eh.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

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